5 Things I’m Loving Right Now! August 21′

Sometimes you need a podcast that takes you out of the headline news and into the world of movies, hair, makeup and one on one interviews with the incredible artists who create these iconic looks we love. Enter Look Behind The Look podcast, hosted by Tiffany Bartok. This has been one of my top three purely for fun podcasts I’ve been listening to all summer long. Find each episode wherever you like to listen to podcasts and/or watch the episodes on YouTube so you can see the incredible looks they are talking about. Three of my favorite episodes are Episode 10 with one of my favorite geniuses Lisa Eldridge, Episode 5 with Renee Garnes and Episode 7 with Gina Brooks.

I no longer check luggage while traveling so everything I take MUST fit inside my carry- on bag. I’m talking – I went to Italy for two weeks with no checked luggage – kind of travel! Yes, it’s true and people who have known me for years and know what an over-packer I was are still in awe of my transformation. Over these past few years, living my best carry-on bag life I have coveted certain travel size beauty products and Davines makes my favorites list for shampoo and conditioner options. The bottles are large enough to last for over a week yet are small enough to make the cut as a carry-on item. They are also easily refillable, so once you run out of the Davines you can keep refilling them with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

My MOTHER denim collection keeps growing! They are the most flattering jeans in my closet and I’m on my 4th pair. The denim is soft, the cuts are flattering for curves and they are perfectly distressed. My current faves are the Tomcat, the Hustler Ankle Fray and the Insider Cropped Step-Hem jean.

Fat Mascara is also holding rank as one of my top 3 favorite summer podcasts. Beauty journalists Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan “bring you the big, juicy world of beauty…” They cover skincare, makeup, even beauty ethics through interviews with industry change-makers and discussions about what’s going on each week in the world of beauty i.e. the #wolfcut (if you know – you know). I’ve gotten some great product tips through this podcast!

I learned about these lashes after seeing them used on Annie Murphy and had to try them on too. I’ve been playing with the application of individual false lashes the past few months and had forgotten how much I LOVE the effect. A strip of false lashes or a few individual fake lashes applied strategically quickly helps me feel like the best looking version of myself. LoveSeen makes some of the most flattering fake lashes I’ve tried. Check them out and try them on. You will be hooked!

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