Facials specifically for Teens

Vitamin Infusion Facial with Enzymes

Exfoliation Extractions

Antibacterial High-Frequency Current

Antioxidant Vitamin Cocktail/Oxygen Therapy

Calming Masque

Neck, Shoulder, Decolletage and Arm Massage

Acne Balancing Facial

If you live in Austin, say so long to acne – and acne scars. Jaime’s customized six-step Acne Balancing Facial begins with a mild peel to resurface and smooth the skin, followed by deep, pore-cleansing extractions. Next, a combination of red, yellow, and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) reduce inflammation, kill acne-causing bacteria and balance skin on a cellular level. After a soothing hand and arm massage and a calming facial masque, the session concludes with a customized infusion of healing antioxidants. Breakout-prone clients, including those who suffer from hormonal acne, may want to consider regular treatments with Jaime. We are conveniently located in Rollingwood serving the local community of Austin and beyond.