5 Things I’m Loving Right Now! July 21′


I first saw these TUTUBLUE UPF 50 swimsuits on an episode of Shark Tank. The founder described them as the ‘swimsuits of the future’. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a deal, but I always remembered them so when my friend convinced me to spend a day floating down a lazy river I thought of these instantly! I’m certain I’m not the only one worried about burning during an all-day water adventure. If you think like me and want to play outside while avoiding sunburns then I highly recommend checking these out. They are made of a lightweight bathing suit material with built in sun protection, and I must say the designs are very fun and flattering. I chose the Long Swimsuit in Blue Cobra. They also make cute rash guards, swim shorts and even swim leggings!

#2 VIRTUE Healing Oil

My hair gets extra frizzy and fried during the summertime from all the swimming and it doesn’t help that I damage it further by highlighting it. I’ve tested TONS of reparative hair oils over the years and this one is now my favorite. Apply a bit to wet hair after showering to soften and heal the damage. It also layers well beneath other anti-frizz creams and gels so you can use it along with other products you love. This oil is a game-changer!

#3 Free Rain

I’m addicted to fancy seltzers and just ordered a second round of these made by Free Rain. They are absolutely delicious and make a fantastic mixer for a mocktail or cocktail as well!

#4 Supergoop PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50

Ahhh Supergoop Play Everyday Lotion – I write this with hearts in my eyes. I use this every morning after getting out of the shower over my arms, chest, back, tops of my feet and my legs if I’m wearing shorts or a skirt. This is the easiest way to ensure I’ve got SPF on my (so easily forgotten) body parts that get exposed to the sun everyday. Think of it as your new body moisturizer with SPF and buy the biggest bottle they have.

#5 Tarte Airbrusher Concealer Brush

Is it just me or is applying under-eye concealer smoothly not as easy as it looks on YouTube? Enter the Tarte Airbrusher Concealer Brush. After dabbing my concealer around my eyes I now easily buff and blend it into my skin using this fabulous tool. You’re welcome in advance!

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