Which Facial Is Right For You

Here at our new Rollingwood facial studio, we customize each facial treatment to your skin’s unique and specific needs. With so many facials to choose from it can be hard to pick which first treatment is right for you. Allow us to guide you!

If:  My skin feels SO DRY! 


Vitamin Infusion Facial

LED Balancing Facial with Microdermabrasion

If: My skin looks congested – I think I need a deep cleanse with lots of extractions.


Vitamin Infusion Facial with Environ Cool Peel

LED Balancing Facial with Enzymes

Acne Balancing Facial

If: My skin looks tired. I feel like I can really see the age in my skin and I want to firm it up.


Signature Minus Ten

LED Balancing Facial with Vitamin C Peel

If: I’ve got a special event to attend tomorrow and need my skin to look fantastic!


Oxylight Red Carpet Facial

Signature Minus Ten

LED Balancing Facial

Glow & Go

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