5 Sneaky Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out

1. You are not laundering your face mask often enough. a. Try to wash it at least 3 times each week if you are wearing it daily and use an unscented laundry detergent.

2. You fall asleep on your partner’s chest.  a. Yes, skin to skin contact for extended periods of time can result in pimples. Sorry to be a romance buzz kill

3. You are resting your cheek on your exercise mat without cleaning it first.    a.This is most common in a yoga practice where your feet have been stepping all over your mat. Resting your cheek or forehead on the mat can lead to breakouts

4. Your skincare products have expired.   a. Check those expiration dates people! Expired products can lead to more breakouts, rashes and other more serious skin reactions.

5. You are resting your hand on your face while working on the computer.    a.Try keeping a squishy ball in your hand to keep your hands occupied while you work instead of unconsciously touching your face

Which one are you?? My Assistant Ally says she’s #5 and I have been guilty of #3 too many times!  And of course if your breakouts are not clearing up on their own come see us for an Acne Balancing Facial in our beautiful Rollingwood facial studio!

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