Nothing Beats High-Tech Skincare

Anyone who has ever received a facial from me knows how much I love LED technology for skin rejuvenation. I began using LED in facials 13 years ago at my very first spa job. I was privileged to work at a cutting edge facial studio, and had access to technologies that were not yet as mainstream as they are today. After moving on from that first job, I worked as several Med Spas that did not offer LED skin treatments, and to work without it was definitely a missing puzzle piece in what I considered to be the “perfect facial”. For me, nothing beats Red LED’s comfortable and gentle way of exciting collagen production, boosting the glow of the skin from the inside out or it’s ability to strengthen capillaries and diminish redness. Over time it firms the surface of the skin prompting the skin’s natural factory functions to smooth out its own fine lines and reduce the depth of wrinkles. Red LED improves the natural moisture function in the skin. This list goes on!

Until just a few years ago, to receive a full face LED treatment you needed to visit me in the studio. Since the results are cumulative you ideally want to receive treatments around 3 times per week. I had some clients with the means and the time to do so, but this effective protocol wasn’t feasible for everyone desiring to do so. A few years back, several at-home LED masks hit the market. I was ecstatic! These would be a game changer – I thought. Though when I looked at several of the devices, nowhere were they being clear about what grade of LED bulbs they were using in the devices. Are these legit medical grade, skin transforming LED bulbs or are these little red light bulbs? I couldn’t tell.

My second issue was that when I flipped several of these masks over they did not seem to be coated with enough bulbs to actually be effective. I saw a bulb then a big space of plastic then a bulb then another large space of plastic. There seemed to be more plastic on the back of the mask than actual LED bulbs. Finally, I found one that looked AMAZING! Although the retail price point was $2000 – womp womp. Even I (a bonafide skin tool junkie) didn’t want to splurge that large on a home device.

To my excitement, a company I love and respect for their medical LED machines used by professionals recently released a home mask I can recommend. This Red (633nm wavelength) and Infra-Red (830nm wavelength) at-home LED Mask received FDA Approval for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. The only device on the market to do so, by the way. It retails for just under $500 which is a vast improvement in price for a legit, results driven LED home tool AND it’s easy to use. This model has a silicone base so it comfortably wraps around the face keeping the medical-grade bulbs close to the skin where they work the best. It operates from a remote you can keep in your pocket while you have it secured on your face so you are not trapped and tethered to a wall plug outlet, and can move around freely. It has built-in eye protection around the eye cut-outs so you can strap your mask on – kick back and relax or multi-task. The treatment takes just ten minutes to receive and is recommended 3 times per week for 6 weeks in a row for optimal results. One can expect to see smoother, less inflamed, plumper skin with renewed vibrancy. Translation = PRETTIER SKIN.

Now after performing a professional LED facial on my clients I can send them home with the OmniLux Contour to enhance their results on their own if they cannot make it in to see me three times each week. Creams and serums are great, but nothing beats high-tech skincare.

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