5 of Jaime’s Favorites for February

This lip balm has been keeping my lips moist all winter long. I just purchased my second tube which usually never happens. I typically have a short attention span for lip products, but this one is my MVP this year.

Swiss beauty is some of the best! When my skin starts to feel puffy and dull these masks have been restoring my GLOW. I love them so much that I started carrying them in my studio.

If you like matcha and you like supplementing your diet with collagen peptides – you will love this! I’ve been drinking a cup daily in the mid-afternoon for a non-jittery pick me up.

I am a dry brushing devotee, and I love the size of this brush. It’s well made, travels easily and keeps dry skin at bay while boosting my circulation. Try it! (Pro-Tip: If you enjoy a strong scrub – think Russian bath house – you’ll love the brush #2. If you are sensitive go with brush #1.)

This makes a fantastic face mask. If you are curious about how to use it – check out my blog post by clicking  here.

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