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Should I be exfoliating my face during the summer?

Yes, you should absolutely exfoliate your face and neck one to two times per week during the summertime. Pore-cloggers such as pollution, humidity, SPF, and sweat can all contribute to congested pores. Clogged pores equal blackheads, pimples and a dry lackluster complexion.

As your pores become clogged, your skin gets thrown off balance. If you exfoliate regularly and gently, you will bring your skin back into balance, restore its smooth texture, and renew your skin’s healthy glow. I highlight the word gentle because I do not advocate using strong peels or aggressive facial scrubs during the summer months. Strong exfoliants will make your skin more sensitive to the sun and cause it to sunburn easily. No Bueno!

Here are two styles of exfoliants I recommend  keeping in your beauty cabinet all summer long.



A gentle facial polish (also known as a physical exfoliant). Polish your skin using light pressure and small circular movements with your fingertips once per week to buff away excess oils that cling to the outer layer of your skin and leave it feeling rough to the touch. One facial scrub I love is Bioelements Measured Micrograins. This smooths out the skin’s texture while being gentle enough to use on very sensitive skin.


A gentle Enzyme or AHA mask (also known as a chemical exfoliant).  This style of exfoliant will dive deeper into your pores dissolving trapped debris, softening your skin, and brightening your skin’s tone. My skin looks clearer and smoother each time I use my exfoliating mask. Lately, I have been loving  Environ’s Revival Masque. This formula is gentle enough to use all summer long without making the skin oversensitive to the sun. That being said, one must avoid sitting in direct sun for more than 20 minutes at a time and use a daily SPF to prevent sunburn, new hyperpigmentation and free radical damage within the skin. If you are looking for a new daily  SPF, my favorite is the Elta MD UV Daily Spf 40.

Make exfoliating an easy part of your lifestyle by choosing one day each week and labeling it your “scrub day” then choose the second day as your “masque day”. This will create the perfect twice per week exfoliation regimen, and your skin will thank you by glowing all summer long.

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