Fall Skin Care ~ How To Re-Balance

Fall has arrived in New York and the humidity has officially left the air. For those of us who loathe frizz, this means better hair days.  On the other hand, since we can no longer rely on the skin-plumping properties of summer’s humidity, our skin feels dryer and tighter. This can be a blessing for true oily skin types, but those of us who lack extra oil tend to start noticing our fine lines more than ever during this seasonal shift. It’s like they come out of nowhere!  Adopting different skin care habits during the colder months is essential to maintaining your skin’s optimal appearance. Common areas of the face to first start showing dryness are the lips, around the mouth, the forehead and the skin around the eyes. Acquaint yourself with your skin and its unique sensitivities. This will help you give your skin exactly what it needs season to season. Fall is a balancing act for skin care because it’s not cold enough for our rich winter skin care products, yet our lightweight summer products are not quenching our skin’s thirst.

Here is how to re-balance and make the transition:

1.) Lighten Up Your Cleansing Routine.

During these colder months, skin types on the dry side are susceptible to looking more lined than usual.  Restrict your use of foaming cleansers to once per day, preferably at night.  In the morning, either use a cream cleanser or simply give your face 10 to 20 splashes with warm water.

2.) Add a Moisturizing Toner.

Look for toners that say “Moisturizing” or “Hydrating”. These formulas contain ingredients to trap moisture against the skin preventing your skin from becoming easily dehydrated.

3.) Bump Up Your Moisturizer.

You can do this in one of two ways. The first is to add a moisture serum beneath the moisturizer you are currently using. The second is to skip the serum and switch to a thicker moisturizer. Since we are not yet being assaulted by winter’s chill you really only need to adopt one of these two tips, not both at the same time. If you start using a heavier moisturizer along with adding a moisture serum right now you run the risk of using too much moisture and clogging your pores.

4.) Mask Yourself.

Start using a moisture mask one to two times each week to give your skin an extra boost of pampering hydration. Much like deep conditioning our hair, regular masking helps to correct moisture imbalances on the skin. This a beautiful self care habit to adopt. Consider it “You-Time”.

5.) Hydrate From Within.

Tis the season of the pumpkin spice latte, which means many of us are consuming more sugar and caffeine than we intend to. Caffeine is very dehydrating, so be sure to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily to replenish lost moisture and to assist your body in cleansing out the caffeine.

Bonus Tip:

A daily dose of Omega Rich Sea Buckthorn Oil is AMAZING for supporting skin’s natural moisture balance.  I take 2 capsules each day starting in the fall and continue through the winter.  Natura is my favorite brand and I always buy mine at Vitahealth Apothecary in Nyc.  Give it a try!

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