How To Treat Blackheads At Home

I’m often asked about this, and it’s a lot trickier than people think! A blackhead can look like dirt, but it is actually oil trapped in the pore that has oxidized (turned black when exposed to oxygen) at the top. If you live in a city you may notice you have more blackheads than friends living in cleaner, country environments. The city pollution contributes to that oxidized oil building up in our pores. So what can we do about it?

Here’s my three‐step plan for getting rid of those pesky blackheads:

1.) Use a deep cleansing tool to apply your cleanser at night.

These are re-chargeable, hand-held brushes that use gentle vibrations to drive the cleanser into your pores.  They’re excellent at freeing trapped oil and giving you a deeper cleanse. The Foreo Luna for Sensitive/ Normal Skin is my personal favorite.

2.) Next, wipe your skin with an exfoliator pad containing a blend of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs).

The AHAs (such as glycolic and lactic acids) work on built up dead skin cells, while the BHAs (like salicylic acid) cut through the oil.  Bonus: The AHA/BHA combo will also brighten your skin tone. I especially like the Cane & Austin Acne Retexture Pads.

I recommend using pads (or toners containing salicylic acid) because if you are just relying on a cleanser, the active ingredients get washed off the skin too quickly.  You can also spot treat with a pad if you only want to target specific areas.

I suggest using exfoliators at night, since the actives may initially cause the skin to flush pink.  If you have very oily skin, you can use them both morning and night.

3.) Use a clay mask to lift oil from the skin.

Bentonite clay in particular tends to be wonderful for clearing blackheads.  It draws out the oil and debris from the pores, and when you wash it off, you’re left with cleaner skin.  As with the exfoliator pads, you can spot treat with the clay.  Apply as directed and use once or twice per week.  The MyChelle Clear Skin Cranberry Mud Mask is one of my favorites.

Try this routine for a week–you will see a difference!

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