Is My Makeup Primer Clogging My Pores?

Is my makeup primer clogging my pores?

I often receive this question and my answer is…Probably.  Makeup primers are a favorite amongst many makeup artists and they certainly do create a beautifully smooth canvas for the makeup to lie upon.  They also help to hold the makeup in place for hours on end. This can be very important on say the day of your wedding, or at a big event where you will be in a full face of makeup for hours on end and need to look perfect for photos.  My advice is to keep makeup primer in your makeup bag as a special event product- do not use it everyday. When you do use it make sure to incorporate some type of exfoliation when you are cleansing it from your skin.  One of my favorite deep cleansing tools for the skin is the Luna. You can use the Luna to boost the pore cleansing abilities of your favorite cleanser.

The reason I caution your use of a makeup primer sparingly, and definitely not everyday, is because the formulas use a skin safe mixture of silicones. These silicones coat the skin and lay over the top of the pores to create a smooth palate for the foundation to adhere.  Basically, makeup primers have a “Saran Wrap” effect on the skin. One of the side effects of this can be that your pores cannot properly breathe while wearing the primer, thus creating the potential for clogged pores and increased amounts of acne.  The skin types who need to be especially careful with primers are those with rosacea or those with acne-prone  skin. Using a primer may excacerbate or inflame these issues.

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