Jaime’s Airplane Beauty Bag ~ Ten Skin Beautifying Tips That Will Change The Way You Fly!

Our skin can take a real beating when we spend more than 60 minutes on an airplane.I know from personal experience I never used to look forward to seeing my skin in the mirror after a flight. Any fine lines looked more pronounced, there was visible dryness and my skin had that “I’m about to break out” feeling.

Here are a few of my favorite skin tips that will ensure your skin looks smooth andhealthy post flight :

Tip #1  – Pack Ahead

Create a beauty bag! Pack your skin care products to be used during the flight in a clearziplock bag and stash them in your purse or any carry on bag that will be easy to accessfrom your seat on the plane. The easier it is for you to take care of your skin, the betterthe chance is that you will actually do it!Double check that the bottle sizes in your beauty bag comply with TSA regulations. Here is a link to double check:


Tip #2 – Wear as little makeup as possible while flying

The air on a plane is extremely dry which can dehydrate the makeup on your skin and cause it to clog your pores. My advice is to avoid wearing makeup altogether while flying. You can always apply a bit at the end of your flight in the bathroom before the plane lands. If you do not feel comfortable without your makeup for a few hours then at least skip your foundation and try spot treating the areas you may need the coverage with a concealer rather than covering your whole face with foundation.

Tip #3 – Hands off!

The re-circulated air on a plane is loaded with bacteria which canmean…BREAKOUTS …eek! To do your part in preventing new blemishes from popping up do not touch your face unless you have just washed your hands. It can be easy to become fidgety on plane and when we become stressed we can tend to touch our skin in response. Resist this urge and keep your hands off! Your skin will thank you for it.

Tip #4 – Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Flying is super dehydrating to our bodies by itself, add caffeine, alcohol or both and now you’ve really depleted your energy and your skin’s moisture. Try to drink extra water while flying and if you need to have a cocktail or a cup of joe, drink 2 extra glasses of water for each dehydrating beverage.

Tip #5 – Protect Your Skin From Damaging Rays

Sunscreen on a plane?…YES, sunscreen on a plane! While you fly, you are higher up and the sun coming through those airplane windows is even stronger than it is on the ground. Wearing a light-weight SPF is extremely important to prevent pigmentation issues and cellular damage. I LOVE Elta Md’s products for light-weight facial sunscreen options.

Tip #6 – Pay Attention To Your Lips

The lip area can easily become dry while flying so be sure to bring stick of an emollient lip balm to apply throughout your flight. Soft lips are sexy lips 🙂

Tip #7 – Treat Your Eyes To A Masque

Being trapped on a plane with no cell phone is a great time to take some much neededYOU time. Many skin care lines make beautiful eye masques which can do everything from, firm, de-puff, brighten and deeply moisturize the eye area. Try one on your next flight! Apply your masque of choice around your eye area at the beginning of your flight and allow it to penetrate during your flight. Gently remove the masque before you land using a damp tissue and wha-laa!…Eyes that look refreshed!

Tip #8 – Don’t Forget Your Hands

Bring along your favorite hand creme and re-apply throughout your flight paying special attention to your cuticles. Moisturized cuticles can transform the appearance of your hands and make them look like you just had a manicure so give them extra TLC on the plane.

Tip #9 – Refresh Your Face Before You Land

Bring your ziplock full of skin care love into the restroom towards the end of your flight to refresh your skin. What you will need are facial cleansing wipes, hydrating mist (Evian makes one you can find in the skin care aisle of most drug stores) moisturizer, SPF, lip balm and eye creme. First you will gently cleanse your skin with your facial wipe, then spritz your face and neck with the hydrating mist (you can also use a hydrating toner for your skin type that you have transferred into a small travel spray bottle). While your skin is still damp from the mist apply your moisturizer for the best penetration. Next apply your eye-creme, SPF and lip balm. This is a good time to apply a little mascara and a lip gloss if you want a little extra polish.

Tip #10 – Get Your Glow On with Jaime’s Beauty Bag

Here is an example of what I put in my beauty bag before a flight:

  • Cleansing Facial Wipes
  • Evian Facial Spray (travel size)
  • Moisturizer
  • Elta MD SPF for Face
  • Eye Masque
  • Eye Creme
  • Acne Spot Treatment (just in case I feel anything brewing under my skin during the flight)
  • Lip balm
  • Hand Creme

Bonus Tip:

I transfer my products into little TSA approved screw top travel containers that are that take up only a tiny bit of space. I clean them out and re-use them for every flight. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to skin care. Make these tips a part of your travel lifestyle and see for yourself how fabulous your skin looks and feels during every flight!

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