Are You Waking Up With Puffy Eyes? It May Be Your Eye Cream!

Hooray For Eye Cremes…As Long As You Are Applying Them Correctly ~

By applying the correct eye creme for your skin’s individual needs you can decrease puffiness, plump fine lines, hydrate and firm the eye area thereby smoothing a “crepey” texture , brighten darkness beneath the eye, and renew the delicate tissue preventing future damage i.e. the visible signs of aging!

These benefits are marvelous BUT are you applying your eye creme correctly to reap those benefits?

Spot check yourself and follow the steps below to ensure you are getting the most out of your product and not applying your eye creme too close to your lash line which can lead the product to creep into your eye while you sleep and swell the area under the eye leading to a swollen appearance in the morning.

Follow these simple steps each morning and night to ensure you are applying your eye creme effectively ~

Follow these simple steps each morning and night to ensure you are applying your eye creme effectively ~

1.) Cleanse your skin and gently pat dry. Remove any eye make-up with a gentle Eye Makeup Remover. The skin around the eye area is some of the thinnest and most delicate skin on your entire body so no pulling or harsh rubbing. Treat this skin with the delicate touch you would use if you were handling a butterfly wing…no joke.

2.) Using your ring finger, pat a small amount (1/2 pea size is plenty) around the orbital bone. That is the circular bone surrounding your eye. Applying your product with the pad of your ring finger will ensure that you are not using too much pressure around this delicate area. Be sure to apply around the entire eye including the brow bone. You want to enjoy the firming benefits of your product everywhere, not just beneath the eye.

Keep the product 1/4 inch below the lash line, especially before you lie down to go to sleep! Applied any closer than that and your product can end up INSIDE the eye and can actually create the puffy appearance you are trying to treat by using the product in the first place.

3.) For extra credit, give yourself a gentle eye massage. After GENTLY tapping your eye creme in place, use your ring finger in small circular motions moving in a clockwork direction around the eye. This will decrease puffiness and get your circulation moving which can improve the appearance of darkness beneath the eye. Just 60 seconds of massage per eye everyday can make a huge difference by reducing swelling.

A Carson Skin Rejuvenation client favorite is the Environ C-Quence Eye Gel. It has Vitamin A and Peptides for firming and potent Vitamin C for brightening..what more can you ask for??

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